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I am available to therapists, clinical supervisors and other professional care providers for help in developing your inner resources through dream education, dream seminars, consultations and one-on-one sessions. The better you can to care of yourself, the better you can take care of others.

Dream work

In our dream work sessions, workshops, seminars, and courses, we work extensively with synergy, mythology and stories that arise from the unconscious to shine a light on contemporary issues often clouded by stereotypes and judgmental attitudes. Get to know yourself deeply by focusing on feelings in the body that are constellated by the images in dreams.

Dream work is led by Dr. Carmen Ada Gonzalez. She received an Ed.D. from Harvard University, graduated as a Jungian Analyst from the Jung Institute - Boston, and has a private practice in Berkeley, California.

Upcoming Events

There is a sliding scale for new clinicians, trainees and others, depending on life circumstances. We offer many more opportunities to work with dreams and other kinds of unconscious material, to work with contemporary issues, and to learn about the process of dream work. We are also offering opportunities to do dream work around social issues such as violence, psychological trauma, and organizational behavior.

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About StoneBird88


In 1995, I was a graduate student struggling with my courses, when I had a dream. In this dream, a spirit sat on my chest as I was lying in bed. I somehow managed to sit up and ask, "How long are you going to be here?" He said, "Until the black man comes." That dream started my journey to explore and understand my family history and unresolved issues in my personal life.

While Harvard gave me an intellectual perspective on life, I started attending classes at the Jung Institute - Boston to understand my inner life, with a goal of learning to do my external work in an integrated and holistic way... with soul. Now I have more than 20 years of experience working with cross-cultural dilemmas and psychological trauma. I help men and women to become more whole, regardless of the circumstances they come from--whether from broken homes or isolated inner places."

Stone, Bird, and 88

"Stone" represents the philosopher's stone. It is the final goal of alchemists' work to reach this highest essence and create gold, the most precious of all metals. The philosopher's stone is also known as "universal medicine," because it is said to have the properties of healing all diseases and suffering, being incorruptible, and bringing youth, long life, and wisdom.

The "bird" is a symbol of the spirit. In terms of alchemy, the bird is seen as the connection between soul and matter.

"Eight" is the sacred number of the goddess of life, Aphrodite. It represents new beginnings, spiritual rebirth, human fertility, eternity, magic, and the rainmaker. In Jungian terms, the number eight represents transformation. The double eight, 88, represents transformation of the inner and outer--person and society.

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Carmen Ada Gonzalez, Ed.D., Jungian Psychoanalyst

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